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From The Baptist Standard, December 13, 2016:  "Most people who train to complete a long race try not to do it alone.  The miles pass more amiably if they run with a friend.  A fellow runner provides accountability and companionship, both vital to completing the challenge.  That's sort of how Lyn Robbins' new book, Grace Always Comes, works.  It's a 366-day partner for someone who wants to read the Bible cover-to-cover in a year.  Robbins provides a plan - a four-chapter-per-day reading guide.  He also offers a bonus - a single 250-word devotional inspired by each day's text.

Robbins' book comes alongside the reader like a faithful running buddy who whispers, 'Don't give up; we can do this.'  He read the Bible through and rote his daily essays in exactly one year.  So, if you think you don't have time, get tired or maybe find yourself a little bored by Numbers, Robbins is right beside you.  Only, since he also wrote each of those devotionals, it's kind of like he's running beside you backwards.

Robbins is a creative, thoughful Bible student and teacher.  He amplifies truth from across the pages of God's word - sometimes elaborating on the expected; sometimes mining scriptural suprises.  He's also a commited disciple.  Just like a great companion aids a runner-in-training, he'llhelp you grow in your faith."
From The Baptist Standard, July 28, 2011: "What do a donkey, a witness in a jury trial and an ordinary Christian have in common?  They all serve as props for Lyn Robbins to describe the relationship between faith and daily experience.  That's a relationship Robbins - a lifelong lay Christian, active both in God's kingdom and the secular world - takes seriously and explores rigorously throughout he pages of In the Court of the Master.... He brings a lawyer's passion for details and penchant for analysis to bear on key aspects of Christian living - from church, to discipleship, to sharing faith with others, to the nature of God and more.

Robbins calls himself 'an ordinary guy, a working stiff,' but his book also reveals he's a person with insatiable curiosity about questions raised by faith, life and God's work int he world. 'I am convinced that there are answers to most of those questions for those who have the wisdom and patience and the imagination to hear God's responses to our wonderings,' he writes. 'I do not pretend that these pages hold answers for everyone.'

Actually, Robbins' pages raise the questions and invite fellow Christians to seek the answers.  They're not easy answers, and if that's what you want, this isn't your book.  But if you want to share the rough, rocky, breathtaking road that explores life's terrain, walk alongside Robbins."