from The Baptist Standard, 2016 - "Most people who train to complete a long race try not to do it alone. The miles pass more amiably if they run with a friend. A fellow runner provides accountability and companionship, both vital to completing the challenge.

That’s sort of how Lyn Robbins’ new book, Grace Always Comes, works. It’s a 366-day partner for someone who wants to read the Bible cover-to-cover in a year. Robbins provides a plan—a four-chapter-per-day reading guide. He also offers a bonus—a single 250-word devotional inspired by each day’s text.

Robbins’ book comes alongside the reader like a faithful running buddy who whispers, “Don’t give up; we can do this.” He read the Bible through and wrote his daily essays in exactly one year. So, if you think you don’t have time, get tired or maybe find yourself a little bored by Numbers, Robbins is right beside you. Only, since he also wrote each of those devotionals, it’s kind of like he’s running beside you backwards.

Robbins is a creative, thoughtful Bible student and teacher. He amplifies truth from across the pages of God’s word—sometimes elaborating on the expected; sometimes mining scriptural surprises. He’s also a committed disciple. Just like a great companion aids a runner-in-training, he’ll help you grow in your faith."
from review  of In the Court of the Master in 2011 - "The subtitle of this book is "An Ordinary Man's Walk with an Extraordinary God." While it is certainly true that no person is more than "ordinary" when compared with God, compared to most of the rest of us Lyn Robbins is himself extraordinary. Not only is Robbins one of our country's finest lawyers, he seems to have succeeded in all of the many diverse activities he has attempted (from competitive debate to music to church work). While there is no boasting in the book, all these varied interests do enable him to apply a wide range of scriptures to the challenges of daily life.

The book is a collection of 45 short essays (average 4-5 pages each)on topics such as discipleship, the church, and the nature of God. I recommend the book be read as devotional literature over a 45 day period. Everything he writes deserves enough time to be meditated on and applied to your life."